We appreciate the wonderful comments, questions, and suggestions we have received from customers. Here are a few:

“I was able to sample two items this past Saturday: Brownies and Toasted Coconut Cupcakes. Took some to a friend and we both agree–out of this world and not overly sweet but sweet enough to know you’ve eaten a real treat. We are hooked and I am telling all my friends!” ~ Pamela Bodkin, Harrisonburg

“The gluten-free Deluxe brownie was honestly the best brownie I’ve ever had!” ~ Samantha Cole, Harrisonburg

“My boys and I can attest that anything we’ve had is marvelous!” ~ Kathryn Hayman, Grains of Sense Coffees and Teas, Staunton

“Just had some of the most delicious vegan brownies from Sunberry. Glad I got mine when I did because the office staff didn’t let them last long. Just so delicious! Thanks so much Justin and Rosemary.” ~ Dr. Gabe Thomas, Rockingham Chiropractic, Harrisonburg

“The Apple Rosemary Scone was amazing!” ~ Emily Wyman, Harrisonburg

“I’m always searching for a good cookie that isn’t overly powerful and sweet. The almond cookie is just that! I could have maybe eaten 10 and would not have even felt bad about it.” ~ Katie Schmid, The Pinwheel Collective, Harrisonburg

“Just purchased a scone and muffin this evening! Took a bite of the scone before supper and can’t wait to eat the rest.” ~ Dawn Nay, Rule 42, Staunton

“I just discovered your pumpkin gluten free scones yesterday, and after eating it I went back to the Co-op to buy another one for this morning. They’re so good! Thanks for providing such tasty, quality treats!” ~ Melissa, Harrisonburg

“I just finished one of your Pumpkin Spice scones and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. It was wonderful to know I could go to the Friendly City Food Co-op and find a local treat made from healthy ingredients. It was so delicious toasted up alongside some tea and it made a Friday morning at work quite pleasant!” ~ Nicole Martorana, Harrisonburg

“I am not vegan, but have found that I prefer the cupcakes you made over any other cupcakes!” ~ Dawn Galloway, Harrisonburg

“I wanted to say how proud I felt that the desserts for my daughter’s shower harmed no animals in any way.  I really admire you guys!” ~ Judy Lohman, Staunton


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