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Check Us Out on Food Day!

Menu for the 2012 Farm to Table Breakfast.

The second annual Food Day Farm to Table Breakfast will be held on Wednesday, October 24th, from 7-9 a.m. at Clementine Cafe in Harrisonburg. A host of local products will be on display, in the form of various menu items, including pancakes and apple butter…and lots of things that vegans cannot eat.

To remedy that sad situation, we will be donating some vegan breakfast items, so that those who choose to avoid meat, butter, milk, eggs, and honey will at least have something to munch on, as part of this day’s celebration of “real” food and local food.

If you manage to make it to the breakfast, be sure to check out our goodies:
* Apple Rosemary Scones
* Herbed Biscuits
* Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins (gluten free)

Maybe the THIRD Food Day Breakfast next year will have even more vegan offerings for everyone to enjoy!?!?


Sunberry Baking’s Cameo on the Urban Escapee Blog

Our friend Katie McCaskey, aka the Urban Escapee (and co-owner of George Bowers Grocery in downtown Staunton, VA), recently posted a collection of comments from entrepreneurs and community change-makers in response to the question, “What Trend or Change Is Breathing New Life into Downtowns?

A hefty list of insightful, creative folks contributed to the discussion, highlighting everything from intentional consumerism, to attempts to live a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle, to walking and biking.

Our input was on the importance of relocalization as a key component of downtown culture and vitality. More and more people are thinking about local first, as a way to keep their money in their local economy and to help their neighbors succeed in entrepreneurial endeavors of many different sorts.

We have benefited greatly, even before “opening,” from this local-mindedness in Harrisonburg and the Shenandoah Valley. It is gratifying to be in a community that values community, to live amongst many people who are happy to support local businesses and want to make their home a better place.

A Few Firsts

In all my years as a vegan, I had not had a scone (vegan or not), let alone made one. I also had not made a vegan brownie… I know this may sound crazy, but there you go.

As Rosemary and I explore various recipes and create our menu of products, I am making, learning, and eating a lot of new things.

My most recent firsts are Chocolate Chip Scones and Carob Power Brownies. Both turned out very well…and went very quickly (thanks to gifting and to our own nomming).

– Justin

Chocolate Chip Scones…Justin’s first!

Carob Power Brownies: perfect for breakfast OR dessert.

Desperately seeking kitchen space…

The past few weeks have been busy ones.

We have been working hard to get our recipes selected, tested, tweaked, and perfected.

We have been putting together all the pieces of the puzzle to make Sunberry Baking Company a real, live, legal business.

We have been finding opportunities to share products and engage with friends and customers in many places.

So we are inching closer towards actually being able to sell our yummy vegan good(ie)s to a community so desperately in need of good vegan treats made by vegans, with love.

But so far our biggest obstacle is trying to find a kitchen space that we can rent to use for baking. Unfortunately, our home kitchen just is not an option. It is way too small, and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services would laugh if we tried to get it through the inspection process. We also are not ready to open a full-scale retail bakery.

So far, many leads and hopeful e-mails have turned up encouragement but no actual, rentable space. We are keeping at it, though, and hope at least to have products available for purchase via special order in the next few weeks.

Once we find a kitchen, we can begin selling at various places around the area. (Would it not be awesome to have great vegan baked goods in coffee shops, grocery stores, health foods stores, and restaurants throughout the Valley? We think so…) Until one comes through, we will keep working and keep searching.

Let us know if you hear of anything!

– Justin